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Wealth management is a broad term used to encapsulate the consultative services that equate to the enhancement of a person’s financial circumstances. An easier concept to understand wealth management by is through the term wealth planning.


Wealth management services can include investment management, portfolio management, financial planning, tax reduction strategy, estate planning and asset protection, as well as any other economically related framework that can be used to financially enhance an individual or a company.


Unlocking Your Legacy can help individuals and companies better navigate their finances to increase wealth and security. We can help eliminate sources of credit and reduce taxes and expenses by offering objective and strategic legal solutions. Our expertise and experience as wealth managers give us the ability to provide our clients with customized plans for maximum financial gains.


We work directly with our clients to provide wealth planning strategies that are inclusive of asset protection and investment management. We offer estate planning, asset protection and tax elimination planning. We specialize in helping clients protect their assets and reduce income taxes through strategic innovation. Whatever financial stage you’re at in life, we’ll meet you there and provide financial solutions that will enhance your economic situation.


Our holistic approach to private wealth management allows us to manage and supersede the expectations of our customers. Our goal as a wealth management company is to protect the lifestyle of our clients. We guarantee our clients the security of their lifestyle through management of multiple different financial avenues and continuous methodological evolution. We make sure our clients have the freedom and flexibility to be themselves and focus on their life, their family and the things that matter the most to them. 


As managers of investments and portfolios we carefully facilitate the growth of investments and provide our clients with low risk and innovative investment opportunities. Our investment methodology is founded upon evidence-based research and fully automated for selection and execution. The investment strategies that we choose are market neutral and focused on minimal drawdowns.


At the heart of the matter, we are financial planners. We use our expertise, our talent and our experience to produce strategies that are innovative, cutting edge and creative. Our goal as investment managers is to create financial success for our clients. We handle this feat well by managing diversified portfolios that include a high potential for reward with minimal risk. 


Taxes are a huge barrier on individuals and organizations with large amounts of assets. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are strategic legal actions that can be taken to reduce taxes. Not every wealth management company will work with clients to reduce estate taxes, but we will. In fact, that’s one of our specialities at FWL. We provide guidance for our clients to legally reduce estate taxes by creating alternate solutions to asset control and management. 


We provide asset protection by creating foul-proof estate plans for individuals, companies and foundations. Probate court is a threat to the wealth of the principal and recipient of a will or trust. We work with our clients to ensure protection from lawsuits, create legally binding and unassailable wills to minimize the risk of extended probates and eliminate risk of principal reduction for interest-bearing financial accounts. By leveraging wealth in an innovative and strategic ways, a person’s financial situation can be elevated and their financial impact can be extended. This value is extremely important to our donor and nonprofit clients.


Our wealth management firm provides hands-on communication and guidance to our clients. We present clients with well-thought plans and allow them to maintain control by deciding whether to use our suggestions for asset and investment management. We are unique because we can provide clients with a combination of legal counsel and financial planning to create a financial proposal that not only protects assets, but grows them. 


Most people loathe the traditional investing process… no wonder. You may have seen firsthand how assets could lose value in America’s socially-sanctioned casino called the stock market.  That’s what prompted us to create a completely different process… a process that’s focused on predictability, accuracy, and lower taxes, so you can live your legacy… not just leave one.


Traditional wealth planning is woefully ineffective in terms of preserving wealth from income, estate and retirement taxes. Over $20 billion each year is lost unnecessarily to income taxes. To understand the staggering thought of what a billion dollars is, let's put it in perspective. Lets say one dollar equals one second in time, now let's add 1 million seconds, now you have 15 minutes in time, now let's add one billion seconds in time, now you have 32 years and last let's add 20 billion seconds in time, now you have 634 years!  Eliminating unnecessary taxes is a huge benefit of The Unlocking Your Legacy Process.


If you’re ready to increase your wealth and protect your assets, reach out to Family Wealth Legacy. Contact us today to find out more about the different legal and financial advisement we offer. 


When you use our wealth management services, you’ll receive asset management and protection, investments with low risk and high reward, portfolio management, estate planning guidance, tax reduction strategies and legal guidance. We develop a customized plan for each client so that they may increase their wealth and protect their assets by using strategies that people don’t even know exist.


We’re creative, we’re innovative and we’re experienced portfolio managers. We’ve been helping individuals and companies grow their wealth for some time now and we’re good at what we do.  

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